Kessil AP700 LED Lighting Panel

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The Kessil AP700 LED Lighting Panel with 185W platform, built-in WiFi features and colour control is an incredibly powerful, easy-to-use convention offering you the power to remotely control the panel from an app without the need for an intermediary hub.

The powerhouse delivers up to 4 feet of coverage with two 60-LED chip arrays. Featuring a flawless touch control panel – colour, clyde and intensity can be easily adjusted allowing you to instantly customize your aquarium at the touch of a button. The Kessil AP700 LED Lighting Panel delivers a full spectrum of vibrant colour with virtually no shadow making it the perfect addition for almost any type of coral in some of the deepest tanks available.

Feature-rich in cutting edge technology, Kessil have released their pinnacle in innovation with refined optics for spreading light across the huge depths. The AP700 with its full Wifi feature now unlocks new abilities to program storms, cloud cover, acclimation modes, day cycle and the lunar cycle all from a single iOS device without the need for a stand alone controller.

Compact design: The Kessil AP700 LED Lighting Panel is quietly confident with an ultra-modern design that fits flush against the roof of your aquarium to offer superior colour mixing via its eye catching control display panel.

Wifi capability: Undeniably the best and most current feature of Kessil’s latest development is the direct wireless control which enables access through a dedicated application which will finally unlock fine-grained control of a multitude of lighting features as well as the coral-flattering colors that the brand are highly recognized for.

Penetrating colour: The Kessil AP700 LED Lighting Panel is a sensational blend of technological mastery and beautifully refined optics. The result is an intuitive system of both style and luxury which enhances the look of any setup.

At a Glance

Dimensios: L 20” W 6.4” H 1.5”
Fisheye Optics
Maximum Coverage
Light Superior
Color Mixing
Unrivaled Penetration
Beautiful Shimmer
Proprietary UV Blend
Compact Design
WiFi Connection
Full Color Control

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