Kessil H80 Tuna Flora Specific Refugium LED With Free Gooseneck

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The beautiful shell shape of the Kessil H80 Tuna Flora LED light, combines advanced optics for a stunning shimmer effect and smooth colour mixing. Developed in-house by experts at Kessil, the H80 Tuna Flora LED provides high power deep penetration lighting that is both super-efficient and easy to control for the use in Refugiums.

Kessil’s Tuna Flora has been devolved for the growth of micro algae’s in refugium’s and algae scrubbers for the reduction of nitrates and phosphates. The Spectrum of light is like no other and ranges from 360nm – 780nm with wavelengths including UV and Infrared. This spectrum has been proven to vastly increase photosynthetic efficiency in plants and micro algae.

Kessil H80 features four efficient and specific spectrums; Blue, Grow, Bloom and Red. These can be selected with the easy to use dials or via the spectral controller purchased separately. Each specific spectrum has a purpose in the growth and development of algae, see details below;

Blue Spectrum quickly develops the frame of the plant or algae during all stages, promoting prolific stem extension.

Grow Spectrum produces all round vegetation growth throughout the life cycle of all plants and algae. (ideal for micro algae’s such as chaeto

Bloom Spectrum boost yield and encourages plentiful flowering during their reproductive stage.

Red Spectrum is designed for tissue culture cloning and root development during the plant’s whole life.

The Kessil H80 Tuna Flora LED Light has been integrated with the brand’s state-of-the-art technology, to provide effortless remote control lighting to set spectrum and light intensity. The dials on the H80 ensures the user has control to achieve a consistent output regardless of the spectrum, as well as the option to daisy chain multiple lights from one single source.

At a Glance;

Dimensions 4.88’’ x 0.98’’ (Diameter and Height)
Maximum of 15 Watt consumption
Spectrum ranging from Blue through Magenta to Red including UV and Infrared ranges.
Specially designed for refugium
At 4’’ a coverage of 14’’ x 14’’, at 8’’ a coverage of 24’’ x 24’’
Adjustable spectrum and intensity for 10 – 100%
Incredible light penetration
Dense Matrix array
Daisy chain multiple lights from one single source

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