Red-Striped Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmatella Prima) -Marine Invert



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Also known as Ambon Cleaner Shrimp, Carid Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Dwarf Cleaner Shrimp, Humpback Cleaner Shrimp, Red-striped Cleaner Shrimp, Striped Cleaner Shrimp, Striped Small Cleaner, Yellowlegs Cleaner Shrimp.

Found in pairs or colonies at cleaning stations waving their antennae to attract customers on sandy areas of coral and rocky reefs.
They feed on algae, detritus, plankton, zooplankton.
Length – 2cm
Depth – 3-60m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Often if a divers hand is near to a cleaner shrimps, they will hop on board and perform a manicure!

Carid shrimps occur worldwide in almost every habitat, from sea water to fresh water and can be found all over the reef.
They are generally respected by other creatures, often sharing burrows and holes and working as housekeepers.
They will wave their antennae around to attract fish, they then proceed to clean outside and inside the creatures mouths, gills etc,.

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