Purusaqua O3-3000B Ozone Generator (2 Grams)



Product Description

Basic series ozone generator of 2 gram. This ozone generator is built into a stainless steel cabinet with the following characteristics:

Adjustable ozone output
Current meter
Low power
Air cooled
High ozone concentration

Ozone output: 2 gram, measured at a temperature of 17graden and a humidity of 23% of the supply air.
Recommended Air Flow: 15 l / min
Maximum operating pressure: 6 mwc / 0.6 bar
Power consumption: 75 watts

This ozone generator comes with a few meters silicone tubing and an ozone resistant check valve.

Note: moist air flow not only reduced the ozone yield but also drastically shortens the life of your ozone generator!

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