Pinktip Anemone (Condylactis Florida)



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Condylactis Anemone: The Pink Tip Haitian is also known as the Pink-Tip Condy. It has a red column with long, tapering, pink-tipped tentacles.
The tentacles may occasionally develop a bubble-like appearance. Generally, it likes to bury the base in the sand or into the crevice of rock for protection.

The Pink Tip Haitian requires strong light as well as live rock and several crustaceans. Although Haitian Reef Anemones require a reef style environment, they are not ideally suited for the reef aquarium containing corals.

Haitian Reef Anemones move around the tank and have a sting that can inflict grave damage to other anemones and corals. 

Unlike other anemones, the Haitian Reef Anemone does not have a relationship with any particular fish.

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