Oase Nozzle ‘Vulkan’ 37-2,5 K

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Add a classical touch to your garden pond with an Oase Vulkan 37 – 2.5 k fountainhead – it’s one of our most popular fountain jet attachments here at Swell UK due to its refined effects, robust design and affordable price.

The Vulkan jet creates a fabulous, classical water effect thanks to Oase’s clever technology. It uses 37 separate jets to create a 3 tiered effect that is simply stunning. The jet is approximately 2.5mm in diameter, which creates a substantial effect in all manner of ponds or pools.

This attachment can only be used with an Oase extension nozzle and is fully compatible with the Oase Aquarius Fountain 4000-12000 sets.

Key Features:

  • 1″ BSP male threaded connection.
  • 37 separate jets 
  • 3 steps
  • 2.5-millimetre jet diameter
  • Operation only with a nozzle extension

Fountain Heights Achievable with appropriate pump LPH

  • Jet Height: 1 metre, requires 4000 lph
  • Jet Height: 2 metres, requires 6000 lph
  • Jet Height: 2.85 metres, requires 8000 lph
  • Jet Height: 4.4 metres, requires 12000 lph

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