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The Oase AquaMax Eco Premium range of pond pumps offers the top-quality performance you would expect from such a widely trusted manufacturer, with lower running costs and greater efficiency. The flow rate remains reliable even at very low settings.

The 12000 and 16000 models have a seasonal flow control which means that the pump can be turned down automatically in winter, saving energy and lowering running costs by up to 30%. The greater efficiency is helped by a more streamlined filter case design.

All models can be electronically adjusted when used in conjunction with an FM Master 3 Remote Switchbox, and have a supplemental mechanically adjustable second inlet. This second inlet is used for running satellite strainers and surface skimmers.

The Eco Premium has a 5-year guarantee (3 years standard, plus a further 2 years upon registration of the product) and offers a unique patented frost protection system to ensure that the pump remains undamaged even at very low temperatures. Oase’s Environmental Function Control protects the pump against dry-running and blockages.

It can be used dry (outside of the pond) – with its quiet running operation it is ideal for swim ponds and bathing ponds and works in temperatures as low as -20 C.

This model boasts 25% lower running costs than previous models and has very low energy consumption through the use of an energy-efficient motor.

Key Features:

  • One of the best pumps available, with a new streamlined design
  • Seasonal flow control for the winter
  • Can be set up dry or wet, and is electronically adjustable
  • 25% of lower running costs
  • Replacement Impellers available
  • Setup: Underwater or Dry Installation
  • Coarse debris displacement max. – 4000 – 10000 = 10mm, 12000 – 20000 = 11mm

Dimensions Power Consumption Cable Length Guarantee Max. Flow Rate Max. Head Height Pressure Side Connection Suction Side Connection Hose Connection

340 x 280 x 165mm

10-35w 10m 3 + 2 Years 4000 l/h 3.3m 50mm 50mm 25/32/38mm
6000 340 x 280 x 165mm 12-45w 10m 3 + 2 Years 6000 l/h 3.7m 50mm 50mm 25/32/38mm
8000 340 x 280 x 165mm 15-60w 10m 3 + 2 Years 8000 l/h 4.1m 50mm 50mm 25/32/38/50mm
10000 340 x 280 x 165mm 19-88w 10m 3 + 2 Years 10000 l/h 4.7m 50mm 50mm 25/32/38/50mm
12000 340 x 280 x 165mm 10-110w 10m 3 + 2 Years 12000 l/h 5m 50mm 50mm 25/32/38/50mm
16000 340 x 280 x 165mm 11-145w 10m 3 + 2 Years 15600 l/h 5.2m 50mm 50mm 25/32/38/50mm
20000 340 x 280 x 165mm 15-180w 10m 3 + 2 Years 19500 l/h 5.4m 50mm 50mm 25/32/38/50mm

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OASE Aquamax Eco Premium 4000


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