Long Tentacle Anemone (Macrodactyla Doreensis)



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Macrodactyla doreensis, common names long tentacle anemone and corkscrew tentacle sea anemone, is a species of sea anemone in the family Actiniidae.

Macrodactyla doreensis has relatively few tentacles. They are all similar to one another in size and colour, being purplish-gray to brown. Each grows to about 1.75 cm, are sinuous, and each taper evenly toward the tip. In some cases they have a corkscrew shape.

The oral disc is normally purplish-gray to brown, and sometimes has a green cast. It has a flared shape, and grows to a maximum of 5 cm wide, but is often far smaller. It has white lines that are oriented radially, sometimes extending onto the tentacles.

This anemone remains at the surface of the sediment, with the column buried. The lower portion of the column is a dull orange to bright red colour, with the upper portion being brownish, containing a round to ovoid verrucae in rows oriented longitudinally.

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