Kessil AP9X LED Light Panel *NEW PRODUCT*



Product Description

Redesigned optics provide an even light distribution that blankets your aquarium with up to 48” of coverage.
This uniform coverage minimizes hotspots and creates an effect similar to that of a metal halide / T5 combo.

Kessil Ecosystem
With two K-Link and two 0-10V control ports, the AP9X can be easily wired to adjacent Kessil fixtures.
Lights in a wired group can then be app-controlled via the AP9X’s WiFi connection.
A single AP9X can act as the wireless access point for up to 10 X-Series lights and 20 0-10V lights – giving you total control over all of your tanks.

Crafted for Excellence
Sleek yet Robust
With design elements inspired by marine fauna, high-performance automotive engineering, and the sun itself, the AP9X boasts a sleek, unobtrusive profile with an aesthetically pleasing touch panel.
Not just a box of LEDs—the AP9X compliments the natural beauty of a well-maintained aquarium.

Technical Specifications

DimensionsL 16.46″ x W 5.71″ x H 1.42″
(41.8cm x 14.5cm x 3.6cm)
Unit Weight2.29lbs / 1.04kg
SpectrumTuna Blue + Red + Green + Purple (Violet+Indigo)
CoverageUp to 48” x 24” (122cm x 61cm)
Power Adapter100-240V AC 50-60Hz (Input), 48V DC (Output)
Power ConsumptionAC 185W Max
What’s in the Box
1x AP9X
1x Power Adapter
1x Adapter Cable
4x Metal Screw Hook & Hanging Bracket
3x QR Code Stickers

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Kessil AP9X LED Light Panel


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