Hanna Checker Iodine HI-718-25 Reagents


Product Description

Reagent for HI -718 Iodine Pocket Checker.

The HI-718-25 are high-quality reagents that are pre-measured, allowing for users to achieve fast and accurate measurements with their Iodine Checker® HC. These reagents follow the DPD Method in which the reaction between iodine and reagent causes a pink tint in the sample. By simply adding the packet of HI-718-25 reagent to the sample, the reaction will take place and the HI-718 will determine the concentration from the colour that is produced. The results will be displayed in ppm (mg/L) of iodine. These reagents are designed to be used with samples that have an expected range of 0.0 to 12.5 ppm (mg/L) iodine.

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