Flower Urchin (Toxopneustes Pileolus)



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Toxopneustes pileolus, commonly known as the flower urchin, is a widespread and commonly encountered species of sea urchin from the Indo-West Pacific. It is considered highly dangerous, as it is capable of delivering extremely painful and medically significant stings when touched. It inhabits coral reefsseagrass beds, and rocky or sandy environments at depths of up to 90 m (295 ft). It feeds on algaebryozoans, and organic detritus.

Its common name is derived from its numerous and distinctively flower-like pedicellariae, which are usually pinkish-white to yellowish-white in color with a central purple dot. It possesses short and blunt spines, though these are commonly hidden beneath the pedicellariae. The rigid “shell” (test) is a variegated deep red and gray in color, though in rare cases it may be greenish to light purple.

Flower urchins are relatively large sea urchins. They can reach a maximum diameter of around 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 in).

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