Flapper Non-Return Valve (Inc Split Unions)



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These Double Union Flapper non return valves are a extremely high quality and offer the least resitance against pond pumps,also they have a split union connector at each end for easy cleaning.

Very Reliable Non Return Valve, this Double Union Flapper Non Valve has minimum resistance also with the advantage of waste particules that can be removed by unscrewing the double union fittings.

The Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve provides a simple means of preventing backflow in pipe work where this would be undesirable i.e in pumped systems or where Elecro heaters are fitted in line.

These Double Union Flapper Non Return Valves (swing check) Valve is probably unique in its design and is the first we have been able to find where the valve can be viewed for periodic cleaning etc ..

The Flapper type non return valves create no back presure on the pumps and the swing check just swings out the way.

Truly a superb piece of kit, it will fit any 1.5 inch or 2 inch imperial pressure pipe and is solvent weld also.

Reducing sleeves can also be glued in the socket unions to use these flapper valves with normal Black Solvent Waste Pipe.

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